Current Trends in Business Communication

4 April 2017

Current Trends in Business Communication Communication is a skill used every day whether verbal or nonverbal. The success of a business depends on that communication. Communication is the key to getting the point across without losing money. Business communication is changing because of current trends that affect communication. The success of business depends on communication. A person’s ability to communicate can get him or her hired or promoted. Face-to-face, presentations, e-mail messages, memos, and reports are different forms of communication. These are forms of verbal communication.

Nonverbal communication is the way someone sits, company logos, pictures, or how long a visitor has to wait. Poor communication leads to wasted time, wasted efforts, loss of goodwill, and legal trouble. Some key factors that can cause poor communication are managers not confident about what the company strategy is; canceling meetings because they cut into productivity; and information provided online not seen by employees with no online access (“What stops line managers being great communicators? ,” 2005).

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Good communication is clear, complete, correct, save time, and build goodwill.

The 10 trends that affect business communication are technology, entrepreneurship, teamwork, diversity, globalization and outsourcing, job flexibility, legal and ethical concerns, balancing work and family, focus on quality and customers’ needs, and the rapid rate of change. My company uses technology, diversity, globalization and outsourcing, and the focus on quality and customers’ needs in day-to-day communication. Technology has made communication with people across the globe as easy as pushing a button. Technology is constantly changing, which helps increase productivity and save money.

Businesses are quick to adapt to the change. Enhancing the experience of a worker or improving the bottom line is what business look for when they adopt new forms of technology. Employees are expected to know how to use the Internet, e-mail, spreadsheets, and presentation software. The most common forms of electronic tools used are personal digital assistants (PDAs), instant messaging, and video chat. There are some cons with technology. There can be potential information overload which can cause a breakdown in communication. The question “is the business rotecting their data or invading your privacy” is the main issue of data security versus privacy. Businesses have learned over the years that diversity can improve business. Managers that have intercultural communication can help workers from different backgrounds understand each other better. “Sam Sommers, psychologist at Tufts University, contends that diversity may improve business’s success because minorities introduce new perspectives and catalyze new thinking amount others” (Locker & Kienzler, 2008, p. 435). There have been studies that show businesses with low diversity have lower profits, market shares, and number of customers.

Diversity helps with the economic order as well. More companies are setting up offices across the globe. A call center overseas can support a warehouse in Indiana. Some companies outsource or use outside products or services. This is often to cut cost or get better service for customers. My company uses outsourcing. The information technology department would have to answer phone calls and fix whatever problem that would arise. Management seen that this was causing productivity to be down because the majority of the workers time would be spent on answering phones.

I would take up to a week to get a problem fixed with a computer. The company decided to outsource the call center. Now the IT department will get messages on their PDA to let them know there is a problem and where to go to fix it. The estimated time of getting a problem fixed went from seven days to a matter of hours. According to Locker & Kienzler (2008), the center focus of quality and customers’ needs is communication. Customer satisfaction and the demand of quality have increased over the last couple of years. Higher customer satisfaction is associated with higher sales.

Utilize efficient ways to do things and communicating them throughout the company can help a business know exactly what the customer wants. My company sends out surveys annually to get the customers view on our service and what improvements to make. If there is a defective product the engineers are going back to the drawing board to figure out what the problem is and how to fix it. The success of a business depends on communication. Poor communication can lead to loss in profits. Businesses are keeping up with the trends, whether it be technology, outsourcing, or diversity, to ensure they get there point across and make a profit.

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