Currents(2015) by Tame Impala

9 September 2019

Tame Impala is a synth/indie rock band that includes progressive influences as well. So far this project has three albums and have a very psychedelic feel to it as well. Kevin Parker(not to be confused with South Park creator Trey Parker) is the main man of this project and have influences that rival even Steven Wilson, I’m not kidding. As for this album, let’s see what he has got in store for us here.
Currents is what most fans think is considerably his weakest album when compared to something like Lonerism. Though I was introduced to this project from this so whether or not it’s a good first impression is for me to ultimately decide(besides, Forgotten Tomb failed at that big time so I don’t want another giant flop…wait…). Anyway this combines elements of progressive rock, synth rock/pop, and indie rock to create something that could also for party or club music, it would be a miracle to see this played in one of my school dances too, which comes with its unusual matchup. Is it going to be a classic? Hopefully so but we’ll have to see. Containing a total of 13 tracks at around 51 minutes total, you got yourself a journey to go through. Tracks like Cause I’m A Man, Disciple and the single(I forgot and I can’t check) are some great examples of the diversity that these powerful synths can do. Yeah it’s fairly synth heavy but to what degree will it it get boring? Ok some but most of the time they provide some powerful emotions that can only be beaten by few others. No true words I can use are able to describe the beauty in this. It’s not perfect though. But despite its flaws, I can find some value in this by its self.
I give this an 8.5/10. I am the Grim Reaper, signing off.

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