Curtain Call by Eminem

9 September 2019

“They say music can alter moods and talk to you.” This quote is from Eminems song “Sing for the Moment” from the album Curtain Call. This explains how I feel about music. When I am listening to music, my mood changes with the songs I listen to. If I were to pick a favorite album, Curtain Call would be in my top picks.

In my opinion, Eminem is one of the best hip-hop artists out there. All of his songs are written from his personal events in life, and are about what he is really feeling inside. If you have gone through any of the events that Eminem has gone through, then it feels like he is actually talking to you personally. People criticize him because he is white but talks with an accent, but if you listen to the lyrics of his songs, you would appreciate his talents. Eminem dedicates his entire life to making his daughter, Hailie, happy. If you have never listened to any songs written by Eminem, then I would definitely recommend you listen to Curtain Call first.

Curtain Call by Eminem Essay Example

Curtain Call is basically just an album of all of Eminem’s biggest hits from 1996 to 2005. It was released on December 6, 2005 under Dr. Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment. Not only does this album contain twelve of Eminem’s biggest hits, but it also contains four of his new songs on it, and one song that he sang live at a concert. If you were to listen to this whole album in one day non stop, it would take you one hour, seventeen minutes, and fifty-five seconds! But if you don’t have enough time for that, then you would probably want to know which of his songs to listen to.

The first song that I would recommend you listening to would be “When I’m gone.” This song basically talks about how Eminem wants to be there for Hailie, but his singing career is getting in the way. It also explains how he wants to do all of the things that a father should do with his daughter, like pushing her on a swing, but he is never home to have those experiences. Another song that I would suggest you listen to would be “Lose Yourself.” This song is explaining how when society thinks that you can’t achieve something, you need to step up, prove them wrong, and do it. Never give up on your dreams, and always try your hardest. The final song that I would suggest would be “Sing for the moment.” This song is basically about Eminem’s journey through his rapping career, and how he got there. It also is about how he sings for all of the kids out there who were just like him, and grew up without any luxuries.

To rap it up, Eminem is a very inspirational person to me. He may not talk the same and everyone does, but at least he is being true to himself. Eminem seems to have a carefree attitude towards life, and thats what I look forward to. As Eminem sang in one of his songs, “We consider these minutes golden, and maybe they’ll admit it when we’re gone. Just let our spirits live on, through our lyrics that you hear in our songs.”

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