Customer Delight and the Bottom Line

4 April 2015
This paper discusses the importance of maintaining customer satisfaction in a successful business.

This paper is a review of an article that appeared in the Fall 1999 issue of “Marketing Management.” The article, called “Customer Delight and the Bottom Line,” details the different ways that a company can keep their customers satisfied with their product and service. The article also gives the reader some suggestions that can be adopted by individual businesses to help them keep a competitive edge and maintain their customer base. According to the authors of this article, CUPID (Customer Understanding Processes in Design), is the key to helping the customer stay involved in the development process.
“Management experts have defined the concept of delighting the customers as an attempt to exceed the expectations of the customers and to bring a pleasant surprise to the customers by satisfying even those needs, which are not supposed to be served by that particular service or product. The article further discusses the various models used by the organizations to evaluate their products and services in terms of customer needs. Such models help the organizations in developing their products or services according to the expectations of the customer. In addition to this, the article also recommends several approaches to delight the customers.”
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