Customer Preference for Usage of Android (Os) Mobile Phones

6 June 2017

Need For Study Android is an operating system based on Linux with a Java programming interface. It is created by the Open Handset Alliance which is lead by Google. Android is here to stay and a serious player in the mobile smart phone domain. It is still a beautiful dream to have a “free” OS that is hardware agnostic and Android has provided a standard mechanism to show such proficiency thereby maintaining the user interest. The Android platform was released by Google not too long ago, and is championed by the companies that have formed the Open Handset Alliance.

Android basically consists of a complete operating system, along with some core applications. The popular operating system is currently being run by mobile phones built by a variety of different companies, including Samsung, Acer, Motorola, and HTC. Furthermore, Android is now one of the most popular operating systems for new tablet devices. Google has finally realized that the number of Android smart phones on the market is growing too rapidly, and as such, it is getting a bit confusing for the consumers who are interested in getting an Android smart phone.

Customer Preference for Usage of Android (Os) Mobile Phones Essay Example

Therefore this study will provide us with a perspective and a clear insight about the android upcoming markets with more of customers’ perspective towards their preference of various mobile with this OS and whether it could potentially take second place in the race for market share, as early as 2014. OBJECTIVE OF THE RESEARCH Primary Research Objective: To study the Consumer Preference for Usage of Android (OS) Mobile Phones Secondary Research objective ?To study the impact of various factors like Specific Awareness about the Latest Android (OS) by the Customers. Features provided by the various mobile companies like Samsung, Motorola etc impacting the level of Consumer Preference ? To measure Preference of Android Mobile Phones by measuring the upcoming technology being provided or to be provided in the near future. ?To find the degree of dependency of preference level due to the wide variety of cost factors available to consumers of different class. ?To analyze the usage of Android Market as it is a an open system in which anyone is able to publish content. ?To help Android enable smart phones to shift away from primarily business and enterprise users to truly consumer-oriented devices.

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