Consumer protection laws are a form of overnment regulation, which aim to protect the rights of the consumer. In the beauty therapy there are no specific laws associated with the industry. Having said that clients are still protect by a number of consumer laws. Consumer rights By law consumers have the right to : Basic goods and services To be protected against the marketing of goods or services that are dangerous to the clients health To be protected against dishonest or misleading advertisement To be compensated for shoddy goods or unsatisfactory services To the knowledge and skills to be informed to the client.

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To be treated in an environment that is not dangerous To express the clients interests in the making and execution of government policy. sale 0T goods ana servlces act 1 Under the Sale of Goods and Supply of Services Act 1980, goods must be: of merchantable quality fit for its normal purpose, and reasonably durable as described, whether the description is part of the advertising or wrapping, on a label, or something said by the salesperson. If goods bough are faulty or damaged the consumer is entitled to one of the following, Refund, Repair or a Replacement.

You do not have to take a credit note if your complaint is covered by the Sale of Goods Act. You can insist on a refund, a eplacement or a repair. This act protects consumers in the beauty industry. For example, If a client would like to purchase a product that the therapist used on the client the product must be as described. This protects the client if the wrong product is sold. The client is then entitled to a refund or replacement Data Protectlon Act 2 The Acts state that information about you must be accurate, and only made available to those that should have it.

It should only used for specified purposes. You have the right to access personal information relating to you and have any errors corrected or, in some cases, have the information deleted. Data protection rights apply to information held on computer or inmanual or paper files. A Commissioner is appointed by the . lndividuals who feel their information is being held for the wrong reasons can complain to the Commissioner. He/she has powers to enforce the provisions of the Act.

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If the Data Protection Commissioner does not accept your complaint, you mayappeal to the Circuit Court against his/her decision within 21 days. In the beauty therapy industry personal details are given on a daily basis. If a client gives personal details to a therapist for example a telephone number or an address he client has the right for this information to be removed or edited in any way. The therapist must only hold this information for the reasons the client gave and must not be used in marketing.

Associated regulatory organizations I nere are a numDer 0T organlzatlons In Ireland tnat asslst consumers In Knowing their rights. They make sure that the consumer is protected against bad practice or shoddy goods. An example of a government association that helps protect and assist consumer rights is the Consumer Association of Ireland. Consumer Association of Ireland The Consumers’ Association of Ireland is an independent, self-funded and non-profit rganisation, founded in 1966.

Its members are ordinary consumers from areas spread right across the country who see the need for and who support such an organisation. The aim of this independent organization is to protect, promote and represent the interests of consumers. The Association furthers these aim by: Promoting action to safeguard the interests of consumers, ensuring that those who take decisions which will affect the consumer and can have a balanced and authoritative view of the interests of consumers. Insisting that the interests of all consumers are taken into account

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