Customer Service at Woodson Chemical Company

8 August 2016

Customer Service at Woodson Chemical Company Customer success would allow the Woodson Chemical Company (WCC) to stand out from the competitors. Unfortunately, WCC North America continually reveals poor customer service reports. Mainly, due to the companies poor order information process. Customers want to access real-time order information status. However, the delivery of excellent customer service is challenging. Each division serves a number of common customers at high volume on key accounts, with size and complexity of WCC’s distribution network making distribution management perplexing and complicated.

Bottleneck management limits the communication network throughout the company. A lack of internal communication between departments and division causes poor correspondence to the customer, leading to continuous underprivileged customer service. An open communication channel among marketing, manufacturing, and distribution leads to improved forecasts concerning customer’s demands. The lower level of effectiveness in inventory management and demand forecasting explains the low extent of customer involvement and supplier involvement.

Customer Service at Woodson Chemical Company Essay Example

WCC must rely on effective and efficient supply chains or networks to compete with China and Korea. Integrated logistics is the key to providing a successful supply chain. WCC could better serve common customers if they were able to combine resources and provide better information to its customer’s. Lower inventory levels and improved service levels can balance against higher transport cost. The link between transportation and customer service is a vital component at WCC.

Effective management of a supply chain management depends on establishing key performance indicators and measuring performance against these on a regular basis. WCC’s business strategy should focus on an integrated logistics system across all divisions and build greater alliances with supply chain partners. Overall company performance may be improved by a high level of supply chain management awareness and integration. The business strategy for improving the information system will improve inventory control, manufacturing, marketing, administration, warehousing, transportation, sales performance, and customer satisfaction.

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