Customer Service Strategy

9 September 2016

In the year to February 2012, the airline had an annual operating loss of ? 80. 2 million on a turnover of ? 2,740 million. Our aim is to provide services to the Travellers and Customers that are accessible, flexible, welcoming and appropriate to our customers’ needs. Customer Care is central to all of the activities we undertake. A service has to be experienced, and will result in the customer feeling well or badly served. It is vital that each and every one of us fosters an environment that makes our customers comfortable and satisfied with the service they have received.

This strategy sets out how we will achieve a customer focussed environment in each of the services we offer. Day to day communication, such as the image we project over the telephone, in letters and how we speak to our customers face to face, is critical to the way in which the Directorate is perceived and will affect the value placed on our services by the University community and visitors. This is one element in a range of standards which we must maintain in order to attract people to make use of our services and facilities, and continue to use them on a regular basis.

Customer Service Strategy Essay Example

Working to this strategy will help to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of our customers and support the delivery of our key strategic objectives. We can do to give our organisations a great reputation for service excellence. Over the next months we will then look at each one in detail to support the actions you are taking in your organisation to excel in this vital area. 1. 1. Traditionally, when we think about customer service, we tend to consider staff serving customers over a counter or communicating by telephone.

However, we need to remember that customer service is provided by the Directorate across the University and in a multitude of areas and disciplines. 1. 2. Good customer care is about: 1. 2. 1. Meeting our customers’ needs; 1. 2. 2. Knowing how to deal effectively with our customers in all circumstances; 1. 2. 3. Building good working relationships with our colleagues; 1. 2. 4. Managing communication, expectation and perception; 1. 2. 5. Securing a competitive edge in recruitment and retention. Standards

Customer service and commitment to our passengers has been the driving force behind our brand. We strive to get it right, first time, every time. Occasionally things do not go as planned. We believe that you have the right to know what level of service you can expect from us all the time, even in those rare moments when we fall short of the very high standards we have set ourselves. 1. Uniform Our crew members look every bit the part as they’re groomed to perfection on the cover shoot for our in-house magazine, Runway.

With fitted red suits and stylish silk neck ties, the Virgin Atlantic cabin crews have always stood out from the crowd. But it doesn’t take a fashion shoot to get them looking this sharp. From one runway to another our ladies in red wear the Virgin uniform with the same passion and pride that inspired its design. But you could probably tell that from the sparkle in their eyes 2. Logo This is the company logo displayed on the name badge of Crew Members. The reason staff wear a white shirt is so that the red stands out and therefore grabs people’s attention.

Because the company is well known, it is easily identified as being a part of our company. 3. Training We are incredibly proud of the exceptional service we provide to our customers. Our people are at the heart of our success and our superb training is second only to our ability to attract fantastic people to the airline. As a regulated business we’re also used to training people to the highest standard and in 2005 we became the first airline to be accredited by the Chartered Management Institute to provide our own Diploma and Certificate qualifications. 4.

Greeting Everyone we deal with, and everyone that our colleagues and partners deal with on our behalf, are our customers and will be shown the same consistent level of professionalism, respect and understanding, no matter where, when or how we interact with them. Our staff like Cabin Crew our the executives at check in desk or on call customer service agents should Greet the customers so customers feel good and feel comfortable to interact with you. 5. Measurements of Standards ‘How well are we doing? ’ should be a question that employees don’t have to ask.

Customer service standards and the current performance against those standards should be communicated to all employees on a timely basis. Each service standard must have a management owner, who is accountable for the delivery of the service. Performance against standard will normally be a feature of that individual’s annual review. The management owner will also have the authority to implement process and other changes to improve operational performance. But there is no copyright on ideas, so all colleagues should be encouraged to make suggestions for performance improvement. Complaints/comments System 1. Importance of complaints and comments

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