10 October 2016

Statistics show that the average American worker spends 60 to 80 percent of his of her time on the internet engaging in tasks that have nothing to do with their jobs. Now it is foolish to believe that the internet is the only thing that people use to “goof off” however with the invention of smart phones, tablets and MP3 players finding ways to “slack off” have become easier to do. “According to a study conducted by MSNBC , one-fifth of all people who have visted pornographic websites have done it from work.

One-third of workers surveyed by the society of financial service professionals reported playing computer games while at the work. Eighty-three percent of companies surveyed by the privacy foundation indicated that their employees were using e-mail for personal purposes. “(Greenberg & Baron, 2011). This has become a major problem in fact companies report a major loss in productivity and costs Company’s money. “In fact Cyber loafing are costing US organizations, both private and Public, untold millions of dollars a year.

In fact, one $40,000/year employee can cost his or her employer as much as $5,000 dollars a year. ” (Greenberg & Baron, 2011). This trend has in itself has created a new business in its self in the form of monitoring and net controlling software as well as Smartphone blocking technologies. Some examples of these things include, Spy Agent, Web Watcher, PC Pandora, Spector Pro and E-blaster. This type of software ranging in prices from $50-$100 dollars per license costing businesses untold thousands just to try to control the amount of time lost on cyber loafing.

Other companies are just simply disconnecting internet conductivity at certain hours of the day and reconnecting at others. These types of procedures are just further proof that this is becoming a problem which employers are taking very seriously. Employers are starting to make this a Human Resources problem, in fact employees are starting to be writing up and even terminated for over use of the internet on company time. Even with all these methods to stop employees from “slacking off” employees are still finding more creative ways to log on to social networking sites or pornographic sites.

In fact YouTube and other sites have videos on how to circumvent office internet security. A list of activities in order of the ways most employees “goof off” 1. Social networking I. E. Face Book, MySpace, Instagram etc. This takes the number one place in cyber loafing with the average person spending up to 4 hours a day just updating stats posting and playing the addictive games. 2. Watching videos I. E. YouTube, Hulu, HBO GO etc. This is number two on the list it seems everyone loves to watch puppies and kittens or a kid simply hitting his private area is enough to pull people away from their daily tasks. 3.

Personal Emails and or IM messengers I. E. Windows live, AIM, etc. This takes place number three with just simply making plans for the weekend and or keeping in touch others takes more of a workers time. 4. Cyber Shopping I. E. Amazon, Walmart. com, Ebay, etc. This takes place number four with people conducting shopping during the work day. With this new age of technology come new great strides and great ways to get instant Information but of course this also with this new age comes easier ways to “slack off. ” With entertainment being easier to come by people will be more drawn to avoid daily tasks and be engrossed by selfish needs.

This is where I believe personal integrity and social responsibility comes in to play. With this society based on self indulgences and instant gratification I believe simple things like organizational loyalty and pride are being lost.

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