Cycles by Cartel

As the of days until summer quickly diminishes to a number that can be counted on ones’ hand, I cannot help but to begin my search for fresh, upbeat music, to go along with that new driver’s license of course. Every teen needs a summer soundtrack, and my search ended when I came across Cartel’s newest album: Cycles. After not having listened to much of the Conyers, Georgia band since their last big album Chroma, released in 2005, the new album was a great comeback.
Back in the Chroma days, Cartel usually carried a mellow tone, but the new energy in Cycles is the bait to the sea of audiences. In the first song of the album “Let’s Go” Will Pugh, the lead singer states his reasoning concerning the new album” Let me reintroduce myself, as a man with a cause” as the lyrics go show a possible renewing in the personality of the band, a redirection perhaps. This change has not gone unnoticed, after asking amongst peers many have stated that Cycles is a “roll down the window and turn it up” type of album. With songs like “Deep South” to get your adrenaline pumping, and “Only You” to soothe your ears, Cartel’s Cycles is sure to be at the top of my summer playlist.

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