Cyclones & Tornadoes

4 April 2015
Compares features, causes & effects, locales, direction, prediction of, size, related to hurricanes & thunderstorms.

The purpose of this paper is to describe, contrast, and compare the tropical cyclone, which can develop into a hurricane, and the tornado. Although the term cyclone is used also in popular parlance as a name for a tornado, this usage will be avoided here, since it would obviously be confusing. Cyclones and tornadoes are cyclonic phenomena, in that both consist of a mass of air that is whirling rapidly counterclockwise, but there are vast differences between them. The most important difference between the cyclone and the tornado is that the cyclone is a normal large-scale phenomenon–there are almost always cyclones somewhere within certain latitude belts of the northern hemisphere during many months of the year–but the tornado is a small-scale local phenomenon, and so inherently far more difficult to predict.

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