Cyndi Lauper – Sisters Of Avalon

6 June 2019

Cyndi Lauper’s newest album, “Sisters of Avalon,” has to be the greatest album I’ve ever heard. From the dance hit “You Don’t Know” to the groovy title cut, this album has it all. The songs range from tender ballads such as “Fall Into Your Dreams” and “Fearless” to harder pieces like “Love to Hate.” “Sisters of Avalon” also contains a host of funky dance grooves such as “Ballad of Cleo and Joe,” “You Don’t Know” and the pulsating title cut.

Cyndi’s dizzy voice is sounding better than ever these days, reaching lower notes and higher, tear-jerking pitches on “Say a Prayer.” She is accompanied by Bush’s Nigel Pulsford on lead guitar on “Love to Hate” and “You Don’t Know.” The lyrics are lush and the accompaniments are thick with electric guitars and synths along with acoustic strings.

“Sisters of Avalon” is Cyndi’s best work since “Girls Just Want To Have Fun.

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” I haven’t been able to stop listening to it. I highly recommend it to any music lover – I promise you’ll love it

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