D6 Valuing an Individual

5 May 2017

D6. The importance of valuing children as an individual is that everyone is different and we all have different needs. Being able to understand the child’s needs can help us to understand them as an individual. You can find out a child’s needs by observing or a practitioner giving information about the child’s specific needs. From knowing about a child’s individual needs can help ensure everyone in the group has an equal opportunity.

For example if a child has a disability and the child is in a wheelchair, when planning activities you will need to make sure that everyone in the group can participate, it maybe that the classroom setting needs to be rearranged so the child could make full use of the setting and that the child could move around more freely. It may also mean that the tables and activities such the sand/water tray could be made higher so the child could be included in the activity.

D6 Valuing an Individual Essay Example

If a child has hearing or visual impairments then visual and sensory aids such as 3d objects, pictures and using signs can help the child. By adapting these things the child would then have the same opportunities as the other children. Another example of seeing a child as an individual is where cultural/religious beliefs. These can often prevent the child from undertaking certain activities such as Christmas activities, this means that other non-religious activities need to be planned.

As some religious beliefs don’t eat meat, a separate lunch menu would need to be provided. It is important that all staff and practitioners know about the child’s needs to prevent any mistakes. This shows that you understand the child as an individual as you would need to understand their personal needs to support their religion.

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