1 January 2019

I do not recall him ever not being by my side telling me what a wonderful job I was doing. He kept me motivated, whether it was with crazy stories of what he did when he was a kid or just by smiling. His smile would illuminate a room already filled with sunshine and his laughter would pass to everyone around him. He was like a stuffed animal, easy to hug and kept my secrets safe. He was the first man I fell in love with and the one I always looked up to. He did everything for me, but the one thing he did the best was being my dad.

My dad made me a believer in myself. I would always give up too soon, right before I got the answer. Some nights he would sit with me to help me to believe. Those nights were the worst! I struggled so hard trying not to get upset at myself and my dad.

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Some nights he would encourage me so much that I would get upset and throw a tantrum.

He loved to tell jokes and had one for every occasion. He loved to make people laugh. He acted as if it were his goal in life to make people laugh, or at least, smile. There was never a dull moment when he was in the room. To everyone he was the jokester, to me he was something more than words could describe. My dad knew everything and more. He excelled at everything he did; raising two beautiful and smart children was only one.

To my brother and me he was in a way our hero, always picking us up after scrapping our knees or elbows. Any tear that was shed was wiped away by a large warm, comforting hand. He influenced us with his knowledge. My dad, as well as my mother, influenced us to achieve at everything thing we try in life. He made everything he did look like it required no effort at all. His words of encouragement still ring in my head to this day even after his passing. I still know today that he will always encourage me just not in the same way.

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