Dairy Milk vs M&m’s vs KitKat

7 July 2016

Dairy Milk target group consider people from 18 to 25 years old, both male and female and thus the price is accordingly kept affordable. The brand is one of the renowned chocolate brands and enjoys a good reputation Consumers trust the brand because there is certain level of quality attached to it. KitKat “Broad in appeal, young in feel, big in stature. ” This quote encompasses the brand positioning of Kit Kat. Kit Kat’s target market is men and women of all ages.

The brand is youthful in nature, and focuses on the consumer segment who love chocolate, and are willing to indulge themselves with chocolaty snacks. It’s low prices, constant over the past 100 years, allows it to target the mass consumer market. M&m’s The main targets that the company concentrates on are children. This is because children are the ones that are easily attracted to colors and fun shapes. The brand is seen as a family brand that is wholesome, fun and that everyone can enjoy.

Dairy Milk vs M&m’s vs KitKat Essay Example

Adults have grown up with the M&M’s brand and are able to share and enjoy it with their kids. Apart from the target audience being children it also includes adults, all ages; it targets children through the playful characteristics, but with its great taste and good marketing it attracts and targets the adults. It has a colorful and playful characteristic that is eye-catching and could be spotted by children as well as adults, and gender would not be a problem because both males and females like the chocolate and are aware of the brand and product.

Pricing for M&M’s is modestly priced. This is an affordable candy that everyone can afford and enjoy. Gourmet chocolates on the other hand, which can run $30 per pound are targeting a higher class of customer. Single serving bags are typically under one dollar. Large bags of M&m’s range from $2-$3. To buy a customized bag of M&M’s will be a little more expensive. This selection gives you the option to put a customized message on your candy and the ability to pick up to two customized colors Profiling: S & W of the brands Dairy Milk Strengths: -Distribution network

-Large teeming population of kids and teenagers; -Well-established market; -Vast variety of products; -Priced according to the populations mind set; -Unique understanding of the consumer; -Acquisition rules in UK, reduce its dependence on the UK market; -Overall, Cadbury has been successful through the new products (development) it has to offer. Weakness: -Consumption of chocolate products, fall in demand due to the gloomy economic situation; -Sales of milk chocolate bars, which account for 24% by volume of total sales of chocolate bars, decreased by 3.

7%; -It has been relatively high priced brand, which is turning the price conscious customer away; -The organization has a strong presence in the US, UK and India. It is often argued that they should look for a portfolio of countries, in order to spread business risk. KitKat Strengths: -Strong distribution network; -Influencing consumers decisions: with its innovate and attractive advertising campaigns, it’s able to influence customer’s buying decision. ; -Good communication: KitKat is known throughout all the country; Weakness: -Raw material supply – volatile prices;

-Negative effect on the brand image: this point is important if we think about KitKat as a brand that belong to Nestle that, because of the the investigations into the controversial advertising campaign that promoted infant milk products over breastfeeding and the usage of slave labor for its plants in Africa, the name of the company been negatively affected due to the media campaign covering this issue. M&m’s Strengths: The packaging is distinguishable compared to the other chocolates; it has a playful side to it which appeals to children.

Another aspect that adds quality to this chocolate is that “It melts in your mouth and not your hands! ” it also tastes better than other chocolate with hard candy covering. Moreover the customers are given a wide variety of different packets to choose from. For example, there are twelve types of the M&M candy: • Milk Chocolate • Peanut • Dark Chocolate • Almond • Peanut Butter • M&M’s Premiums • M&M’s Minis • Baking Bits • M&M’s Brand Ice cream • Customized M&M’s • Coconut Weakness: One major weakness is that on the website there are a variety flavors for the candy but not all are available to customers in the Middle East.

Therefore, the customers will have the urge to buy those products but can’t because they do not have access to them. Valuation KitKat In 2009, Kit Kat was reported to be the nation’s “favourite” i. e. the most bought chocolate-biscuit bar. the main reason are: Firstly, it represent economy: only ? 2. 99 for 24 2-fingered Kit Kat’s. Secondly, it’s widely available as you can find it everywhere. Thirdly it pays attention to current trends like to the increasingly health conscious public: 107 calories. Also as a Nestle product, consumers can be sure that it contains no nasties like hydrogenated fat.

Fourthly, it give the consumer variety: plain chocolate, dark chocolate, orange, caramel, 2-fingers, 4-fingers, chunkies all readily available. Finally, it’s accompanied by clever, memorable advertising Dairy Milk 3 points to explain what people think about Dairy Milk: -Warmth: the brand evokes the feeling of soothing, happiness and excitement. -Bond of love & relationship: the brand provides consumes with the opportunity to express their love to their family and friends. -With theirs advertising the brand makes the consumers feel excited. M&m’s

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