Damita Jo

6 June 2019

Of Janet Jackson’s albums, I have to say this latest is one of her best. She has always been known for having her own style and tempo, and on “Damita Jo” her independence really emerges. Most of the tracks are urban hip-hop, while others are ballads. There are also a few where she speaks unaccompanied by any music.

This album’s theme is the Caribbean islands, love and just having a good time dancing. If you’re into Southern and island rhythms, you’ll like “Island Life” and “Spending Time With You.” If you’re into urban and hip-hop, then you’ll like “Damita Jo” and “R&B Junkie.” Kanye West is also featured and sings a duet called “My Baby.”

“Damita Jo” has something for everyone. Even if you think you’re not into her music, I bet you will find a song here that you can’t get enough of.

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