Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande

Teenybopper and child TV star no more; Ariana Grande is breaking away from the roots that gave her stardom with her latest album, Dangerous Woman. The highly-anticipated third studio album from the actress turned singer proved to be nothing short of spectacular just from the ten-second clips that the songstress would preview on her Snapchat account leading up to the May 20, 2016 release. But when fans were finally gifted with songs like ‘Be Alright’ and ‘Moonlight’ (the latter being the previous title of the album) an excited uproar was heard on social media throughout the world – a new era and a new, badder Ariana had officially been born.
Ariana has been known for her ability to reach vocal feats that most would only dream of. Ever since her debut single ‘The Way (feat. Mac Miller)’ debuted in 2013, it was clear that this star would be burning bright in the future. It took three years, but Dangerous Woman is truly the album that will bring Ariana Grande out of the shadows of other pop stars and let the sheer diversity that her voice can handle shine through.
After her sophomore album, My Everything, got some critiques stating that she had not quite found the sound that she wants to go with yet. But in a world where Taylor Swift can go from country to pop princess, who needs one distinct sound to be successful in the music industry? This is evident as Grande dabbles in the world of reggae in fan-favorite ‘Side to Side (feat. Nicki Minaj)’ and then in Soul/R&B on ‘Leave Me Lonely (feat. Macy Gray).’
Sultry songs such as ‘Leave Me Lonely (feat. Lil Wayne)’ and title track ‘Dangerous Woman’ give the album a feel that neither of her previous have had with a more mature, yet oddly soothing feel to both. Maybe that had something to do with Grande’s perfect delivery of the lyrics as well as the superb production applied to both tracks.
And what artist would dare to release an album right before summer hits without some turn-up-the-radio, roll-down-the-windows-and-jam tunes? Grande delivers these kinds of songs that you will hear blasting at the beach, on boats, and out of car windows with ease. I can already tell that I will be hearing ‘Greedy’, ‘Be Alright’, ‘Bad Decisions’, and second-single ‘Into You’ all summer long – and then some!
But the most pleasing part of the album, especially to fans that have followed Grande over the course of her career, is the first track, ‘Moonlight.” The 1950’s doo-wop feel brings backs the vibes that Grande brought with her debut album, Yours Truly – a sound that fans have known her to love for years. The sounds of her beginnings continuing to show up alongside songs clearly showing Grande’s evolution as an artist are refreshing for a long-time fan such as myself. Not to mention the vocals on the tune are near flawless.
Ariana Grande continues to prove that she is a force to be reckoned with in the young music industry. With her powerful vocals and ability to deliver in multiple genres, this woman is clearly dangerous. All I have left to say is that the other young artists in the industry better watch out – Ariana is coming and she isn’t backing down anytime soon.

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