Dangers of Texting while Driving

4 April 2017

Drivers should not be allowed to use cellular devices while operating vehicles because it may increase the rate of car accident. I also think that their should be a law to completely band cell phone usage while driving. Cell phones are a big distraction while driving because many want to answer a text or call right then and then they lose all focus on what they are doing. Drivers need to be alert at all times in the event of on coming accident that can be avoided.

Many new cars today have phones that are hands free and that is a lot safer than most cell phones. Despite the risks, the majority of teen drivers ignore cell phone driving restriction because they just think they are so cool and they know what they are doing until they get into a car accident. Using a cell phone while driving has caused many car accident, many don’t understand how distracting a phone can be. When driving you need all your sense, so if your texting or on the phone it takes away some of those sense and is more likely to get in a car accident.

Also when texting many are not even looking at the road. So you cant see what’s coming or around you. So if your texting your not paying attention. Talking on a cell phone while driving can make a young driver’s reaction time very slow. Similarly when texting it causes driver to take their eyes of the road, many use two hand to text. Many today are taught how to drive with two hands and if trying to talk while driving they take one hand off the wheel to hold the phone which makes the steering wheel feel heavier.

This is a problem because it makes the car harder to control. Also for those who try to hold the phone between their head and shoulder it puts them physically off balance and it makes the phone more prone to drop. Which your mind and bodies first reaction would be to pick it up making you take your eyes off the road they may think that it would only be a quick second but even in that short amount of time an accident could happen.

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