Danity Kane

10 October 2019

The group created by Diddy on the reality show “Making the Band 3” has proven itself a force to be reckoned with. Their debut, “Danity Kane,” is an amazing display of musical ability. It is an even greater accomplishment because many believed they would fail after two unsuccessful seasons of the reality show. Thanks to Aundrea, Aubrey, Dawn, Shannon, and D. Woods, my generation now knows what a group should sound like.

Danity Kane’s appeal comes from its musical diversity. Unlike many female groups, Danity Kane does not have a lead singer. All five women are talented singers who have learned to create a unified, beautiful sound. It is also exciting to discover who is singing on each track. Every voice is completely different and it is cool to hear them harmonize.

Due to the members’ diversity, the group can connect with a wide range of listeners. The CD matches this with songs that can be classified as hip-hop, R&B, pop, and even Latin. Also, the tracks spread from dance beats to power ballads to plain old feel-good music. With such creativity, it is hard to look at this CD as anything but a work of art. Not only does Danity Kane explore different and new styles of sound, they cover all types of topics. There is “Show Stopper,” about the girls’ night out; “Ride for You” about sticking with their man; and “Heartbreaker,” about the games the girls play with guys’ minds.

The CD will stand in a high place in music history because of its pure musical perfection. The harmonies all fall into place to create a beautiful sound that intrigues not only the ear, but the mind. By mastering these essentials of music, Danity Kane sets itself apart from other groups.

I encourage skeptics to take a night with friends and listen to this CD. After the first song, it is hard to turn off. The talent and creativity come together to create a joy that will last for quite a while.

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