Dar Williams

6 June 2019

Dar Williams is an up and coming musician who has been struggling to make it for a few years. Dar is from a traditional folk background, but her music tends to border on folk-rock. From being virtually unknown to being a rising folk star, Dar’s following also has grown greatly. She has gained radio play on many folk and college radio stations, which has helped.

Dar is a highly talented woman whose music is full of spirit. Her lyrics at times are blatantly honest, but many also include a touch of pure humor. She writes about life experience and current issues. She uses a vast array of instruments including guitar, electric guitar, bass, cello, piano, violin, mandolin, fiddle, harmonica, dobro, congas, and digeridoo.

Dar has three CD’s: “The Honesty Room,” “Mortal City,” and “The End of The Summer.” The names of her songs vary from “When I Was a Boy” and “The Christians and The Pagans” to “Alleluia.

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” You can find her CDs in stores that have a folk artist section. If you are interested in finding out about Dar Williams, you can contact her website at: http://www.com/~tneff/dar/

I would highly recommend Dar Williams to anyone who is into eclectic, original music that is really expressive and honest. Dar has a style of her own and her music deals with real life. She writes her own lyrics and is a master at making quality music. Dar tours frequently, traveling with her own band and really rocking the house. She is currently on an end of the summer/fall tour, so check her out

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