Dark Side of the Moon

11 November 2016

The Dark of the Moon In the editorial The Dark of the Moon, Severeid uses many techniques, including personification, parallel construction, syntax, and irony to help convey his thoughts and meanings. Severeid links the lack of sensitivity of society through the line “Children sent sharp, sweet wishes to the moon; now they dream of blunt-nosed missiles. ” His connection of children and destruction illuminates his fear that society will one day cease to feel passionate emotions and compassion for others. If neither man nor gadgets nor both combined can control the earth from the earth, we fail to see how they will do so from the moon. ”  If man can’t control this planet from its present position, how can it then control it from the moon? In this ironic statement, Severeid highlights man’s desire to advance too quickly and pursue further technological advancements when in fact he cannot even control the land in which he lives. But one little step in man’s advancement toward man, that we think would be truly exciting… we would settle for discovering the true mind of a Russian commissar or the inner heart of a delinquent heart. “ Severeid’s view is that discovering the inner workings of man is a greater feat than exploring the moon. The true mind of a Russian commissar and the inner heart of a delinquent child are all mysteries of human character that are still not properly understood.

By understanding the true nature of human beings is the way we must progress on earth. “There is, after all, another side – a dark side – to the human spirit, too. Men have hardly begun to explore these regions and it is going to be a very great pity if we advance upon the bright side of the moon with the dark side of ourselves. ” The use of contrasting in the concluding paragraph of this passage illuminates the comparison of the bright side technological advancement yet the dark side of human character.

Dark Side of the Moon Essay Example

Severeid implies with this quote that advancement into space without advancement into the inner workings of the human being is a mistake. The passage begins on the larger scale of the moon but ends on a smaller scale with the dark inner workings of mankind. Without really exploring these human faults, Severeid implies that we are losing our principle to be self-reliant. By the time we reach the moon only the dark emotions will be left; fear, chauvinism, and suspicion are all negative and dark individual characteristics that will be carried to the “shining” moon.

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