Alone Plan Going to Nottingham Forest Enjoying the trip Middle Get separated from others My feelings Mobile phone and my effort End Help arrived I was found Finally the day has arrived for our class trip. On that fine morning with so much of excitement, my class children went hiking and exploring the Jungle outside Nottingham. In the forest, we were so thrilled over the waterfalls, Jungle creepers, and the gigantic trees that we came across. We watched monkeys swinging on the branches of trees and eating wild fruits. The walk went off without a glitch and we enjoyed every minute of It.

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Hey buddies, let’s play hide-and-seek, shrieked Raj. We started our game. We were so engrossed In or discoveries of our hiding places behind massive trees and forgot the time was slipping by quickly. Suddenly, I heard Mrs Tay’s faded voice from a far ‘Hurry up, its getting dark and time to leave’. At that point only, realized, I was quite a far from my teachers and other friends. I ran here and there. round and round in the circle, to locate my other mates but found none. I called each one of them by their names. did not know what else I should do, apart from screaming and crying.

Slowly I came to the sense that I had wandered deep Into the Jungle and away from the track which I had followed while entering the Jungle. I realized I had become lost in the maze of trees and creepers. I wrestled the panic monster behind these thoughts and fought to keep myself calm. But I felt dreadful. Part of my brain started working on scenarios : if I wasnt found again by this evening; Injury, death and so on. had to shake myself back to calm. There was still hope. Again, a thousand thoughts entered my mind Immediately. How will I find my way back again in the vastness of jungle ?

How will my teachers and mates know my whereabouts? What will my parents do? My mind was totally blank. I was in a sltuatlon wnere

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I 010 not Know now In tne world you would get out 0T It Time ticked by, darkness deepened. Dusk was falling. Flocks of birds rustled in the trees, finding and settling on a perch for the night. Suddenly I remembered my mobile phone. Without wasting a second I took my phone to contact my teacher. But, the phone had no signal at all. I ran everywhere to see whether I could receive a single signal in the dark and scary Jungle. All my effort ame to and with a great failure.

I felt that I even lost my last hope. It started to grow darker and darker. In the end, I decided to spend the night in the jungle. I huddled together under a tree. I hardly slept as I was bitten by mosquitoes and was worried about the wild animals heard prowling around. I was relieved a bit when day broke. I realized that I somehow find signal for my mobile phone and at one point I was success. I immediately call my parents and explained everything. I couldn’t get through to my teachers. My parents sternly advised me to stay at the place I was standing. I started waiting.

It had been almost more than 24 hrs since anyone had seen me. I was out of water and out of food barely had any bettery left on my mobile phone and no idea where I was other than lost in the Nottigham Forest. I would have collapsed into a mass of tears and panic if I hadn’t heard some vehicle noise. Then I could hear my name being called out through the trees. Finally I managed to see them – yes my teachers and mates with Forest Rescue Team. All my buddies came running to me and hugged me tightly. What a relieved. Wandermom. com – child lost in the Jungle Laos

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