Dashboard Confessional – Swiss Army Romance

9 September 2019

Emois a broad title that covers many styles of emotionally charged punk rock. Ifever there were an Emo band, the one-man band Dashboard Confessional would winthe title. “The Swiss Army Romance” was written and performed byChristopher Ender Carrabba. This 26-year-old has a voice like no other and singsabout heartbreak, loneliness and personal trials that everyone can relateto.

Carrabba wears his heart on his sleeve through an all acoustic Emosound. With songs such as “Screaming Infidelities” and “The SharpHint of New Tears,” he tells stories of pain and heartbreak throughfast-paced melodies and deep lyrics. A more mellow approach to expressingloneliness can be heard in the ballad “Shirts and Gloves,” whichdiscusses the hardships of long-distance relationships.

The best song onthe CD is “Age Six Racer,” a beautifully written ballad about neverforgetting memories. Touching lyrics such as “Hey, thanks, thanks for thatsummer. It’s cold where you’re going. I hope that your heart’s always warm,”matched with Carrabba’s sweet voice and powerful acoustics, have a way of findinga route leading directly to your heart.

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Jolie Lindholm, lead singer of TheRocking Horse Winner, sings angelic background harmony, adding a softer and morepassive quality to the song.

I recommend “The Swiss ArmyRomance” by Dashboard Confessional to anyone who has ever has survived adifficult time. This album is filled with emotionally charged lyrics andharmonies that will be forever etched in your heart.

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