Data Mining & Expert Systems

4 April 2015
Role in effective use of information by organizations, decision making, applications, examples, analysis tools, neural networking.

The amount of data available to most organizations in the contemporary is staggering and continuing to grow (Gessaroli, 1995, p. 64). This outcome is a result of technology becoming more powerful and cheaper to use. Powerful micro-processors, inexpensive data storage devices and increasing amounts of bandwidth available to transmit data, all point to the explosion in the amount of business data. Hidden in the giga-bytes of stored data is . . . information, that when uncovered and used, could be of strategic importance to an organization (p. 64). For some organizations, the primary question is how to gain useful access to this data. For all organizations, an essential question is what to do with the data when it is accessible. The answer to the …

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