"Daughters" by John Mayer

8 August 2019

“Daughters” by John Mayer, a very powerful and meaningful song, is one to which I can relate. In the song, John Mayer explains how a father should treat his daughter with love, compassion, and respect. Growing up with the first man they love treating them with disrespect and does not care for her, a daughter will never learn to trust and love a man. “Daughters” tells a story of a man who once loved a woman, but it was hard for her to love him back. She always had mixed emotions and never knew what she wanted. The narrator always thought that it was his fault that his girlfriend acted like this, but later he realized it was the absence of her father’s love. Because of her father, she can now not trust any man and cannot make up her mind. Later, the song explains how tough it is for a daughter to love a man when she has been mistreated her entire life by a man.

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With a soft and relaxing beat, “Daughters” explains that without the love of a father, a girl never learns how to love.

When I first heard the song by John Mayer, I realized right away what point he was trying to get across. Because my father and I do not always get along and we have a tough relationship, I understood the story he was telling. When John Mayer sings, “Fathers be good to your daughters, daughters will love like you do,” I immediately thought of my father. I listen to this song, and it reminds me that the way my father and I treat each other is not normal and not all men are like my dad. Ever since my parents divorced, my dad and I hardly get along. If a person loves someone, a relationship will not consist of constant arguing and fighting. This song also helps me remember that I am not the only girl that has to go through this. There are many other fathers who treat their daughters the same was, sometimes worse, than my dad treats me. When my dad insults me, telling me everything I do wrong instead of good job or being proud, and I lose self-confidence, I think of this song. I remember that I cannot let his words hurt me because deep down, he really does love me, and I know I love him back. Even when he and I fight for weeks on end, I still care for him and love him. I do not let his hurtful words and anger destroy my trust in other men. Now, I have had a boyfriend for over a year and a half, and he is the opposite of my dad. He treats me with respect, he loves me, and he compliments me. He tells me that I did well, even if I lost. This song did apply to me before this; I never knew what I wanted and I never thought I would be able to trust a man. This song helped me understand that all people are different and everyone deserves a chance.

One of my favorite songs, “Daughters” means a lot to me. My relationship with my father, still not perfect, is increasing as time goes on. Hearing this song reminds me to give other people a change in life. I tell my father how much his words hurt me sometimes and how he never seems like he is proud of me. He never realized that he was doing that, and he is slowly starting to stop. We have a much better relationship now and, thanks to this song, I am also in a good relationship as well.

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