Davao Philippines

1 January 2017

The province was one of the largest provinces in the Philippines during that time, spanning more than 20,000 square kilometers; it lasted from 1920 until 1967, when the province split into three provinces, namely: Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, and Davao Oriental. After the division, Davao City was officially named its regional center. RELIGION The majority of the region’s population are Christians, mostly Catholics; however, there are also Muslims,Buddhists, and Shintoists living in the region.

Natural Resources Aside from its forestland and fertile fields, Southern Mindanao has mineral resources of chromite, iron, nickel, manganese, gold, copper and other non-metallic minerals. Five of the major fishing grounds of the Philippines are located in the region.

Compostela Valley In Compostela Valley, nature lovers can enjoy the flora and the fauna found among the mangroves and coral gardens of Lunod Island. They can also go trekking and mountain-climbing at Mt. Candalaga. Spelunkers can find adventure at the Mahayhay, Casoon and Kiokmay Caves, while Tagbibinta falls offer a unique rafting experience in its waters.

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Davao del Norte In this part of the region lie beautiful beaches that families can go to for excursions and outings.

Pearl Farm, Canibad and Costa Marina Beach Resorts offer cool white, grey and black sand, clear water beaches. For the inquisitive and inquiring mind, a tour of the Vanishing Island is a must to see the wonder of this “disappearing” body of land. The Monfort Bat Sanctuary is also a must see. Davao City In this modern and contemporary city, one can still find the luxury of nature. There is the Paraiso Beach Resort, where visitors can find time to bathe under the sun and swim in cool waters.

Ecotourist will enjoy the Seagull Mountain Resort and Riverford Nature Park. Additionally, tourists can relax in the calming, still waters of the El Nido Cold Spring. For a taste of culture and history, travelers should visit the city’s Japanese village, which was built before the Japanese occupation during World War II. Davao del Sur In Davao del Sur, travelers can find the highest peak in the country, Mt. Apo, where mountain climbing, hiking and camping are popular activities.

Tourists can also go swimming at Llavan, Sta, Monica and Pearl-Cris Beach Resorts. Additionally, Kabulao Cave is also great for spelunking. Davao Oriental When in Davao Oriental, tourists should go to Ballestic Island and visit the 17th century Caraga Catholic Church. Travelers should also go hiking at Tinagong Dagat (Hidden Sea), and discover this unique natural phenomenon situated a thousand feet above sea level. On the other hand, tourists should also see the Sigaboy Floating in Governor Generosa, an islet shaped like a giant whale.

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