Dave Matthews Band

7 July 2019

Beginning in June, The Dave Matthews Band toured the country. I was fortunate to see them in Wantaugh, New York at Jones Beach. My friends and I had thirtieth row seats in the middle of the theatre. They opened their concert with a song from their second album, “Jimi Thing.” It set the tone for the night. The crowd went wild as the first note was played. They continued with “#41,” “Tripping Billies,” and a plethora of songs from their three released albums, along with a few songs that are only found on bootlegs of previous concerts. Their best song was “Seek Up,” when the opening band’s leader, Bela Fleck came out and jammed with the band on his banjo. The stands were screaming, and not one person was sitting down. They ended the main part of the concert with “Ants Marching,” their biggest hit. After a 10-minute interlude, the band came out with an encore of “Drive in, Drive out.” Everyone left with a smile on their face and music ringing in their ears. I thought the concert was incredible. Their choice of songs was good, except they did not play “All Along the Watchtower,” a Bob Dylan song, which many were expecting. The sound quality was good and the combination of Bela Fleck and The Dave Matthews Band was awesome. I strongly recommend if they are in your area, go see them. .

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