Dave Matthews Band: Live At Red Rocks

8 August 2019

How does a band put together guitar, bass, drums,flute and violin and actually sound good? One of the most popular bandsright now is the Dave Matthews Band and they pull off this feat quitenicely. Although they have been performing for a long time, the teenagecrowd has just started to take notice of them. The Dave MatthewsBand recently released a new album entitled “Live at Red Rocks8.15.95.” The album is a double CD and is a live recording of aconcert. The reason that the band did this instead of going to thestudio to record new songs was to cut down on illegal trading andselling of bootleg CDs. I feel this is a very good idea. It not onlystops illegal activities, but it also guarantees that the money thatlisteners spend on Dave Matthews Band music goes directly to the band.”Live at Red Rocks” also gives listeners a good idea of whatthe band sounds like in concert. “Live At Red Rocks” istheir fifth album. Others include “Under the Table andDreaming,” “Crash,” “Remember Two Things” and”Recently.” Some of their hit songs include “AntsMarching,” “Too Much,” “So Much to Say,””Crash Into Me” and “Tripping Billies.” On thelatest CD, the group only included a few of these. However, because thealbum is a recording of a concert, the band was also able to turn songssuch as “Seek Up,” which go unnoticed by the radio, intoharmonious melodies. The Dave Matthews Band constantly exploresnew ideas for their music, which is what makes them so original. Eachmember has a talent that is almost unmatched. With skillful playing, amusical ear and constant new ideas, the Dave Matthews Band is beginningto take off. I have personally enjoyed their music for a fewyears, and I strongly recommend this album to anyone who is intrigued bymusical talent. “Live at Red Rocks” gives a perfect example ofhow the band sounds in concert. The album ranges from rock to jazz, witheverything in between and more. It is a must for listeners of all ages.

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