Dave Matthews Band – Live at Red Rocks

12 December 2019

Dave Matthews Band’s “Live at Red Rocks” is Dave’sbest CD to date. This album has 15 songs on two CDs from theirconcert at Denver’s Red Rocks Arena. It has all of Dave’s bestsongs from “Ants Marching”‘ to “DancingNancies,” making this CD one of a kind. “Liveat Red Rocks” has everything you would like to find at aDave Matthews Band concert for half what you would pay to seeDave live. Believe me, if you buy this CD, you willfeel the full effect of a Dave Matthews Band concert. From thecrowd roaring to the different instruments being played suchas the alto, tenor and soprano saxophone by Boyd Tinsley, thisalbum has everything you want when you listen to a CD. This CDalso has a special appearance by Tim Reynolds. The DaveMatthews Band puts on a once-in-a-lifetime concert, which iswhy if you don’t have the cash to see them live, buy this CD;you’ll feel like you’re at the concert, right next to Dave.This album even has two encore songs; “TypicalSituation” and “All Along theWatchtower.” Although “Live at RedRocks” is very good, it does have a couple of flaws. Eachsong runs a little long, with some eight to ten minutes. Theother flaw is that each of Dave’s songs seems to sound thesame; they all have the same instrumentation or beat. Irecommend all Dave Matthews Band fans buy “Live at RedRocks.” I also recommend to those who haven’t heard ofDave, buy this CD right away because you’ll be hooked on theDave Matthews Band.

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