Dave Matthews – Some Devil

1 January 2020

The latest Dave Matthews CD is excellent. It istrue that he has gone solo, and at first I thought (as many Matthews fans mayhave) that this CD would not be nearly as good as those with his band. I wasmistaken. This CD has of some of Matthews’ finest and most remarkable work.

Even knowing that Matthews is the songwriter and vocalist does not meanhe is the only source of talent. He has once again joined with his old friend andguitarist, Tim Reynolds. If you are a true Matthews fan, you have probably heardsome of Matthews and Reynolds’ live concerts, and witnessed the awesomeintegration of talents. Now, this has become the main focus of Dave’snew CD. There are also a number of other well-known, talented music>ianswho create a different but uniquely beautiful album.

Dave Matthews – Some Devil Essay Example

“SomeDevil” consists of 14 sweet, soft, tender, melancholy, jovial and even funkysongs that Matthews has so generously and willingly created on his new soloalbum. And may I mention that Matthews, along with the producer, have put thetracks in such a perfect order that a deeper story can be discovered.

Ilove a CD with a story. The first track, “Dodo,” has a brilliantmixture of smooth, funky guitar playing. Matthews’ high-range singing is heardhere; the song is immediately likable to the point that you might actually wantto hear it again before going on to the next track. The third track, the hit”Gravedigger,” is somewhat melancholy with a deeper meaning. The wayMatthews sings this song hints at an important event with the help of histalented musicians, including a full orchestra, that can help manifest thedepressing, yet reassuring, moral hidden in “Gravedigger.”

Thereis a great selection of songs here, each with a unique sound. I like andappreciate “Some Devil” more and more each time I listen to it. DaveMatthews still has the stuff that sets him apart from every othermusician.

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