David Bowie

8 August 2019

David Bowie has been around forever it seems from the psychedelic sound of The man who sold the world to the hard rocking Rock and Roll suicide. Sadly most young people have no idea who this legend of music is with the exception of the three songs you hear on the radio Changes, Watch that Man, and Fame. This is a truly pitiful selection of this man’s musical skills. My personal favorites are Young American and Rebel, Rebel but he is really worth looking into if you like a touch of weird in your music. Don’t look for a specific style of music with Bowie though he is all over the map so to speak. If you purchase CD’s I would advise either the Rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust or Bowie at the Beeb. If download music try The man who sold the World, The Width of a Circle, Sons of the Silent age, and Young American then decide David Bowie Hero or has been.

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