David Gilmour “On an Island”

9 September 2019

David Gilmour, the voice behind the influential ?s rock band Pink Floyd, recently released “On an Island.” Although Pink Floyd broke up in 1985, they were one of the most influential classic rock bands since Led Zeppelin.

Gilmour’s third solo album contains tracks similar in style to those of his Pink Floyd days – it’s psychedelic classic rock. Most of the tracks have him on guitar with a synthesizer and a drummer but there are notable appearances by previous Pink Floyd members, including Richard Wright who plays back-up guitar on a few tracks and Bob Klose, the 1964 guitarist for Pink Floyd.

The most notable of the 10 tracks are “On an Island” and “This is Heaven.” “On an Island” is the first hit that Gilmour, or any other member of Pink Floyd, has ever had reach number one on the Billboard worldwide charts. It is purely reflective of previous Pink Floyd songs, with the same slow rhythm found in “Us and Them.” The undulating sound of the guitar and Gilmour’s voice give a nostalgic feeling of Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon” era. “This is Heaven” parallels the rhythm and the feeling of the classic “Money.” The bluesy rhythm creates an upbeat but smooth song.

This is a beautiful compilation from an experienced rock and roll artist. Gilmour has found the combination of jazzy blues mixed with smooth guitar that allows for Pink Floyd fans to get a taste of the past while getting a touch of something new.

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