David Guterson The Mall of America

8 August 2016

David Guterson wrote the article “Enclosed. Encyclopedic. Endured: On Week at the Mall of America to transmit his opinion to the public. He begins by offering the basic facts about the mall and its features. The Mall of America was open for business in the summer of 1992, and David Guterson was among the first few thousands of individuals to visit it. He goes a little in depth of the Mall of America by displaying fun facts (Guterson 398).

Guterson tries to explain in his opinion why the mall isn’t such a good place to go. Guterson argues that modern shopping malls do not create a sense of community. As Guterson enters the mall his impression is that the creators used their vivid imaginations to build the Mall of America. The mall is compared to Emerald City or Never Never Land He states that the world is being taken over by huge buildings that are rapidly becoming tourist attractions.

David Guterson The Mall of America Essay Example

Guterson describes the mall as densely crowded with heaps of people roaming around. He gives a detailed description about what the inside of the mall looks like. How it gets the customers attention right away so they end up staying in the mall longer than they intended to (Guterson 399). Guterson describes the mall as menacing until he realizes that it is simply just a mall, not too different from a smaller mall except being that it has a lot more to offer (399). In the essay, Guterson emphasizes how the mall is just a tourist attraction but not a market place. It therefore does not create a sense of community.

To make his description strong and distinct, he uses action and a plenty of sensual details. He distinctively describes the appearance and the interior of the mall that makes the audience have a feeling of having visited the mall. Through his description, one can have a picture of the mall and the activities that go on.

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