David Kersh

10 October 2018

Recently up-and-coming country music star David Kersh performed at in Rutland, Vermont. It was an amazing night of music and fun. David took the stage to thunderous applause, screams, and whistles. He opened with “Breaking Hearts And Taking Names,” a song off his debut album, “Goodnight Sweetheart.” He got the crowd going by running and dancing across the stage. He went on to sing every song off the album, including the title track and the current single, “Another You” – and more. He sang covers of classic George Strait songs like”Overnight Male.” The crowd hit its collective feet for a rousing version of “Sweet Home Alabama” and parody of Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” David has an incredible stage presence and high energy level that’s infectious. He demands attention with his clear voice and interaction with the crowd. He jokes with the band members and keeps things lively. When he’s onstage, you can see that he truly loves performing and the music he’s singing. He is a true entertainer in every sense of the word. I had the chance to meet David before the show at an autograph-signing session. He is extremely nice and sincere. His friendly, outgoing personality, Southern charm, and dazzling smile melted more than a few hearts. This is the second time I’ve seen David Kersh in concert. I hope to see more of his shows. If you like great music and lots of fun, go see him. I definitely recommend his show to anyone. I guarantee you’ll have a good time! .

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