David Ulrich Contributions in Hr Roles

1 January 2017

David Ulrich is known to be an HR Guru, who defined the HR Roles model that are commonly used in the market. The model is well known for introducing mainly the characteristics of Human Resources with the highest value added. The contribution of David Ulrich in defining Human Resource roles are given below:  Strategic Partner is about alignment of Human Resource activities and initiatives with the global business strategy and it is the task of the HR Management and HR Business Partners.

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David Ulrich Contributions in Hr Roles
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Sometimes, it sounds easy to implement Strategic Partnership, but it needs a lot of effort from Human Resources.Change Agent is a very important area of the Ulrich’s HR Model. Change agent is about supporting the change and transition of the business in the area of the human capital in the organization. The role of Human Resources is the support for change activities in the change effort area and ensuring the capacity for the changes. Employee Champion is a very important role of Human Resources.

The employee advocate knows what employees need and HRM should know it. The employee advocate is able to take care about the interest of employees and to protect them them during the process of the change in the organization. Administrative Expert changes over the period of time. In the beginning, it was just about ensuring the maximum possible quality of delivered services, but nowadays the stress is put on the possibility to provide quality service at the lowest possible costs to the organization.

All the HR Roles defined by Ulrich are essential for the success of the whole HRM Function. The stress must be put to all the areas; there is no chance to select one and to excel in this one concrete area. Many HRM Managers forget to balance the approach and they decide to be a real star in one of the needed components and they forget about the danger not meeting the basic requests and expectations in the rest.

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