David Wiesner: The Author and Illustrator

4 April 2015
An analysis of some of Wiesner’s literary works with emphasis on the illustrations.

This paper reviews four children’s stories written and illustrated by David Wiesner: “Sector 7,” “Tuesday”, “Hurricane” and “The Three Pigs”. The paper claims that although these works were intended for children, Wiesner has a talent at reeling in grown-ups too. This paper describes these four stories via the illustrations and the medium used by Wiesner.
“Children’s literature can provide rich pictorials that appeal equally to adults as to children. David Wiesner is one author-illustrator that can be singled out for his talents at reeling in grown-ups. Some of his picture books are exactly that; containing few or no words, they feel more like surreal comic strips than children’s literature. Wiesner’s artwork, usually done in watercolor or colored pencil, is at once striking and subtle. The subject matter often seems eerie until the end of the story, which finishes on an upbeat note.

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Books like Sector 7, Tuesday, Hurricane, and The Three Pigs, all written and illustrated by David Wiesner, convey his mood and tone with pictures alone. Any accompanying text is ancillary to the illustrations and causes the reader to wonder whether the publisher demanded that some words be inserted for convention’s sake (especially in Hurricane). Wiesner’s illustrations tell the tale far better than any words could; in fact, Hurricane is the weakest of these four books because of the distraction of the verbal narrative. With a talent like Wiesner’s, words are redundant; in all these books the pictures drive the story line and themes, and they also help to develop and delineate the characters. David Wiesner is an author/illustrator that can be relished equally by adults and children.”

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