Davide Wiesner

4 April 2015
A brief discussion of the life and works of a children’s novelist and illustrator.

This essay discusses children’s author and illustrator David Wiesner’s body of work as a whole. Four books, Tuesday, Free Fall, June 29,1999, and The Three Pigs are examined for plots, settings, themes, characters and style. Specific references to individual texts are included.
David Wiesner has been delighting children and adults as well since his first publication, The Loathsome Dragon. He became known as a picture book artist with the publication of Free Fall, a wordless book. He has since become the winner of the Caldecott Medal and is considered one of today’s most accomplished authors and illustrators of children’s books. There is always an element of logic behind his fantasies. Moreover his illustrations are unique and visually appealing. Although he has authored several story books, including a his own version of The Three Pigs, Wiesner’s style is known as the wordless picture book, literally a book without words. These books are wonderful for young children because they can stimulate creativity in a way reading books cannot. His use of color and imagery in his illustrations attract the attention of not only children but even adults are captivated by his vivid imagination.

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