Davis, Miles With Quincy Troupe Miles

4 April 2015
Critical review of jazz trumpeter’s autobiography, his views on history of jazz & its importance in Amer. culture.

This study will provide a critical analysis of Miles: The Autobiography, focusing on what the author has to say about the history of jazz, the relationship between jazz and American culture, and the importance of jazz in understanding issues of race in American society. The book’s consideration of these issues is in every case filtered through the harshly candid and largely self-centered personality of Miles Davis. Davis has no intention of discussing these subjects from a political, historical, musicological or sociological perspective. The author has only one perspective–emotional. In that emotional, passionate context, Davis makes clear that to him jazz is a unique and priceless expression of black culture which has been overlooked by the dominant white culture as well as by young blacks who do not appreciate their heritage.

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