Days are Gone by Haim

11 November 2018

When I first bought this album, I wasn’t expecting much. To be honest I was expecting One or two good tracks at the most. Nothing extraordinary, but when I sat and actually listened to the album, I was completely shocked.
Haim’s debut album, Days Are Gone(2013)
Is one of those albums that really shock people with how good it is.

This southern California based band is made up by three harmonizing, Upbeat, musically talented sisters, and they are impressive. I mean, as soon as the last track was finished I said to myself
“Wow,this band is going somewhere.”

Already, Haim has been compared to Rock band Fleet Wood Mac on several occasions, and even though I could tell that the album was influenced by that 70’s sound. Its obvious that the major influence is more up to date. The sisters even said themselves that they are interested in that 90’s R&B style.

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Days Are Gone is the perfect mix of Rock and 90’s R. With that 70’s flare.
Its beautiful.
The music on the album is so diverse, every song has a different sound. It makes me believe that anyone who listens can become a fan.

All and all, This album is honestly a very well thought out and put together piece of work. It has received great critical reviews, In 2013 The album was named number 31 on Rolling Stones ” Albums of the year” list. Not to bad for a debut right? But Haim’s Success doesn’t stop there.

Currently, the band is on tour. Touring across North America and Europe, Concerts at multiple venues have already sold out.

So before Haim makes it to a venue near you. I highly recommend you give their music a listen. You will be glad you did, I know I am.

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