DBQ Great Depression

8 August 2016

During the time of the Great Depression there were major changes throughout America, it helped change the role of the government to help the people. When looking at the Great Depression one must look at the effects of the New Deal policy it helped the American people and changed the role of the of the government during this time period. As a result of these successful policies it assisted the American people by giving them jobs and it expanded the government into a bureaucracy.

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There were many people affected by the Great Depression the worst off were the farmers because of overproduction of what they were harvesting they were not getting enough money to pay their farms (Doc J) but because of the Agricultural Adjustment Act it helped pay for the their farms but the draw-back about this that the benefits were distributed unevenly to farmers. Women and minorities had it not quite as bad but it was pretty bad for them.

Most African Amerithingscan people where on the street (Doc I) because there where people who where so desperae for a job they would be hired for the normal pay because of this invisble scar it was so bd people would go out and steal food to sell to try and bring something home.. So to slove this problem Congress with the approval of Roosevelt passed the Cilvilian Conservation Corps to provide work relief for young men from unployed families by having them dredge out rivers to clran and buld bridges over them along wit other nature perseving things like making hiking trails so people don’t destroy the natural area around them.

The Civil Works Administration to work within a short amount of time by setting up sewer systems through out cities but the effectiveness was limited due to poor leadership (Doc A). The next thing that was affecected was the banks Congress with the approval of Roosevelt passed the Emergency Banking Act that ressaured that the banks were safe and soon more deposits were made than withdrawls because of this it helped the bsnks go back into business. The people where not the only thing that was helped soon after Roosevelt made some major changes to the government.

Some of the changes had to do with the size of the government Roosevelt had made the government so big it because a bureaucracy (Doc C) because Roosevelt helped so many people with his changes a lot of people voted for his political party because of this he was voted into office many times but many people beleved that the president was a socialist because of the New Deal (Doc D) that explained the gobernment. Many people civilized the New Deal saying that the programs will cause problems in the future. As will as the NRA (Doc B) taking over the work place in fact it was proven to be socialism in the court case Schecter V.U. S. the Supreme Court had sided with Schecter and said that the NRA was socialism and should back away and let compaanies fail of they wanted to. The New Deal had helped expand the government into a bureaucracy it helped millions of people but it did have it’s limitations. Successful the New Deal helped both Americans and helped expanded the government. Because of these policies it helped America come out of the Great Depression. It is intersting to note even though there were many success there were a few limits to these important policies.

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