DBQ on effects of modern day olympics

6 June 2017

DBQ on effects of modern day olympics BY 998 The Olympics Games were athletic competition held in Greece from 776 BCE to 393 CE. They took a hiatus before starting up again in 1892. Once the modern Olympics had begun in 1892, it had effects on society. These effects include a social change of unifying people across the world of the same and different genders, a cultural change of a strong passionate desire to beat the other countries to win the gold, and an economic change of the Olympics costing billions of dollars to the host city.

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In 1892, Pierre de Coubertin founded the modern Olympic movement with intentions of unifying the world as one. When he spoke to the athletic society of France, he knew that something amazing was going to come out of bringing the Olympics back to life (Document 1). Although he could have some unknown selfish motive for starting the Olympics again, he is a reliable source. When the games had only been going for a few years in 1908, a mere two percent of the athletes participating were women, one of which being a British archer names Sybil Newall Document 2).

Coubertin’s original goal being to unite people across the world was successful because the percentage of women athletes grew to 29 percent in 1992 (Document 8). Women’s perspective also changed about the Olympics. Hassiba Boulmerka, an Algerian female competitor, discussed how winning in the Olympics gave her self confidence and pride to her country. The Olympics also united countries together for friendly competition, as show from a quote by Bob Matthias, an American competitor, who discussed the intense rivalry between the USA and the

USSR (Document 4). Not only did the Olympic games unite genders from within a nation, but also it united both genders with the people of the world. The Olympics were the begging of a strong passion for completion and rivalries between nations across the world. Arnold Lunn, a British Olympic team official in the 1936 games, notices how the German soldiers where not Just there to win, but more importantly they where there to prove to the rest of the world that Nazism is better than democracy (Document 3). Mr.

Lunn however, did not buy into the Germans ttempt to sway the world to Nazism because he was bias to the way the Britain’s run their country? This competition has even traveled all the way to the business world with bug companies sponsoring the Olympics for marketing purposes, which involved working together in an international business market (document 6). The competition has united the world as a whole, although it would cost the host cities a lot of money. The Olympics is a huge event that occurs every four years that requires over a decade of planning, which costs the host city over billion of dollars to fund.

The bills have been growing increasingly every games. Especially because of cities having to pay 1. 2 billion dollars for TV right, Just as Sydney did in 2000 (Document 9). This money can be worth it. Ryotaro Azuma, the mayor of Japan in 1972 when the games were hosted there, used the games to rebuild and bring tourism to his city to help rebuild his city after destruction in the second World War (Document 5). His perspective is nice because you get to see him actually caring for his city. their corporations (Document 7).

Although the games brought good things for the past two examples, it caused the people of Pakistan to lose the pride of winning for their country, but for winning for themselves (Document 10). The games were overall a great way to improve the economy of many countries. The modern Olympics had effects on the world, particularly socially, culturally, and economically although it would be nice to have a quote from some on who is against the modern Olympics to see another point of view, the modern Olympics had a generally positive effect on the world.

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