Dead Man Walking

2 February 2017

“Memories of a Dead Man Walking” By: Sister Helen Prejean The story is done in narration style. It’s a reflection of what happened to Patrick Sonnier.

It’s strange how Sister Helen became a spiritual advisor to so many death row inmates. I thought her experience with Patrick would send her running in the other direction. As a woman of God, she saw the human side of this person although she did not condone what he had done. She realizes her faults in dealing with the families of the victim. I think it would have been hard for her to relate to both sides at the same time.One thing that I didn’t agree with is the way she compared herself to Jesus. I think she got a little carried away.

Dead Man Walking Essay Example

I did think however, think that she was a good woman. The fact that she moved into the housing project to help so many people and the way she recognized that privilege affected the outcomes of some of the crimes was very noble. They way she described the scene on death row prior to the imminent execution was eerie. It was as if this man was being pampered right before he was tortured. It shows how man can be very ironic.It reminds me of the fact that, when an inmate is being put to death by lethal injection, the equipment must be sterile. I still can’t figure that one out.

At the end of the story when Sister Helen explains how Susan Sarandon and Sean Penn were holding hands while filming had stopped, was very interesting. If they had such a hard time during filming, just imagine what Sister Helen felt during the actual execution. I have yet to see the movie but I’m looking forward to it. The short excerpt was enough to draw your interest. There are some things in the movie that did not occur in reality. I think it should have been told as it was.

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