Dead Man Walking

4 April 2015
A review of Tim Robbins’s movie Dead Man Walking.

This paper gives a critique of Tim Robbins’ film about a death row convict and his relationship with a nun sent to offer him emotional support. It addresses both sides of the death penalty issue and discusses the moral issue – once a man is convicted of murder and rape, should he still be considered a human being?
“Cut to a metal detector beeping at Sister Prejean’s cross. The imagery is fantastic and elucidates conflict that will soon arise between the ideals of the Christian church and the harsh realities of prison life. But the chaplain with whom Sister Prejean meets has none of her idealism. Instead, Chaplain Farley is antagonistic, pessimistic, and negative. He complains about her not wearing a habit and attempts to drive from her any notion that she can make a difference in Poncelet’s life. ”

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