Dead Poets Society Analysis

10 October 2016

However, Mr. Keating believes that if they do this, all the students will hate school because they have nothing to look forward to except more homework and more tests. Mr. Keating also becomes the only teacher whose students look forward to his class. Not only is he an amazing teacher, he also befriends many of his students, especially Neil Perry. At one point, Neil goes to Mr. Keating to find out what he should do when his father approaches him and tells him he was to drop out of the play. Neil never would have even thought to ask him had Mr. Keating not made a conscious effort to befriend him.

Neil knew that if he asked any of the other teachers, they would side with his father and tell him to drop out as well. He went to Mr. Keating because he always told his class to seize the day. This was Neil’s way of seizing the day; he found the one thing that he wanted to do, and Mr. Keating supported it. Even though some speculate that it was Mr. Keating who encouraged Neil to commit suicide, it was not. It could be blamed on any number of things, but it is very clear that Mr. Perry pushed Neil to end his own life, and it was unfair when Mr. Keating was extracted from the school’s administration.

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