Deafness and Fury

10 October 2016

If I were in their position I wouldn’t know what to do, I think I would take into consideration all benefits and dangers of getting the implant before making a decision. Before I took this ASL class I didn’t know anything about deaf culture. When you explained the difference between Deaf and deaf I realized that not every deaf person are alike. For instance, Heather’s parents were both Deaf and they were very proud of who they were. They were both actively involved with their Deaf friends and family, and they felt most comfortable being around their “own kind”.

Although Peter was very comfortable in his own skin, I felt like he was very close minded when it came to talking about the possibilities of Heather getting and implant. Even when they visited the family with the young girl that had the implant, he was very closed to the idea that one day her daughter could have the opportunity to be able to hear what goes around in the world. Peter and Nita were very surprised and somewhat disappointed when Heather told them she wanted to get the Cochlear implant because she really wanted to hear.

Deafness and Fury Essay Example

Peter rejected the idea but I feel Mariche 2 that Nita was a little more open to it because she secretly wanted to somewhat be part of the hearing world. She also stated that she was open to the idea of the implant because she didn’t want her daughter to go through all the tribulations that she went through when she was young. It also seemed that both Nita and Peter were rejecting the Cochlear, because they were afraid Heather would become too involved in the hearing world, that she would forget all about the deaf culture.

There was a particular scene where Nita asks Heather if she still wanted the implant, and Heather ends up telling her that she didn’t want the implant because her parents said she couldn’t have one. I feel like it was wrong that the parents didn’t let their daughter get the implant without really giving it thought,but they are proud of who they are so in the end it didn’t matter. My opinion is that is was wrong of them to reject the Cochlear without letting the little girl make the decision for herself.

Even though Heather was a little girl, it seemed to me that she really wanted to hear and the implant could of offer her many great opportunities. The movie also showed me that there are many things that separate the deaf world from the hearing world. One of the things that struck me the most is that in reality, many hearing individuals tend to feel “sorry” for deaf individuals, because they see deafness as a disability. For example, the couple with the twins expressed that they were devastated when they were informed that one of their twins was deaf.

Even though deafness ran in their family they were still heartbroken because they saw the baby as disabled. Although I felt disappointed that they took their child’s deafness as a bad thing, they did point out some very interesting and somewhat truthful things. For example, being deaf in the hearing world can shut many doors for these individuals. Deaf people are often discriminated, misunderstood, and shut out of the hearing world. Although it is true that deaf individuals face many obstacles in their lives, Peter (and many others) showed us that a deaf person can be just as successful and any hearing person.

When I was a waitress at a very popular restaurant, I remember that one of my regular clients Mariche 3 was a deaf man. He was very friendly and although I had a very hard time communicating with him, he was always patient and willing to try his best to communicate with me. When people saw that he was deaf and that his speech was very limited, many laughed and made really stupid and ignorant comments. To our surprise it turned out that he was a very successful businessman, so in reality he was definitely not a “handicap”.

I definitely understand why the couple in the movie considered getting the Cochlear Implant for their child. I also have a 5 year old niece who is deaf, and although we have a really hard time communicating with her it seems to me that she actually likes the way she is. I think at her young age she embraces her deafness. Everyone is different and like in this movie everyone has to do what is best for THEIR family and what they felt most comfortable with. In conclusion, the movie gave us different perspectives of both the hearing world and deaf culture.

One family showed us how proud they were of being deaf, and they refused to let their child get a hearing implant because they thought she would loose touch with deaf culture. The other family showed us that they saw deafness as a disability. They decided to let their child get the implant because they felt it was the best thing to do for him and his future. Although being deaf can bring many obstacles, families ultimately have to decide what ever is best for their lives.

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