Dear Roommate

5 May 2019

β€œYou can’t do it.”

β€œYou’re just not good enough.”

β€œIt’s impossible.”

With a smirk and a shake of the head, I continue on my way, driven by the negativity. On more than one occasion I have been told to give up, give in, go home. In each and every instance, I did the opposite; I pushed harder, further, and forward.

I am determined to prove myself. Every negative remark poses a challenge; a challenge that I will defeat, that I will overcome.

I started my education a year early. I am the youngest student in my graduating class. My parents were reluctant to let me begin, fearing I could not keep up. I did. I excelled. Eventually, it became more than clear that I belonged.

I found myself in a similar situation with athletics. Being behind a year physically, I at first struggled to find a sport I enjoyed.

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Then, a classmate of mine told me I would never be good enough to play hockey; that I just couldn’t compete with his superior skill. Years later, after countless hours of sweat and blood, I am part of the varsity hockey team. He quit several years ago.

As my roommate you will see this trend continue. Regardless of any obstacles, I will be extraordinary. I refuse to be simply average.

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