One thing that is equal to life is death.Death cannot be described,but its properties can be told.

1)It snatches away at anytime it likes regardless of circumstance,location or countless pleas.

2)Life is fair.What is not fair is death.

3}It is the most neutral thing I have seen.It doesn’t favour one over the other.It can even take a child

4)It is the only thing whose other side can’t be certainly told.People get there,see it but can never tell it.

5)Death as people say doesn’t knock on the door.If it does many won’t have opened and many won’t have died.It does as it has been stipulated.

6)Poems have been written Die O Death but the fact is,that will only remain a poem.Death can’t die but life can die.

7)Funny as it may sound,death can be bought but life can’t be bought.

8)It is the only thing that subjects all men to equality,the rule of law doesn’t,the constitution doesn’t,death does.Whether a person has been buried in glass or sticks,it makes no difference.The both lie in death.

9)Those who fear it don’t enjoy life but those who don’t mind it enjoy life.

10)Life and death aren’t brothers.They are different;one gives,one takes,they act in opposite.

11)Death can be defined under Physics according to me as a body being in a state of equilibrium.

Death is death.

There is the constant life of death and the constant death of life.

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