Death and dying brochure

6 June 2017

The Purpose and Value of Having a Living Will: A living will is a legal document that once signed by the person whom it is pertaining to can hold or make known a person’s wishes in reference to life prolonging medical treatment. It can also hold what a person would like for medical personnel or a doctor to do should an emergency arise and the family doesn’t know what to do. The purpose in having a living will is so that when dying or near death if a person would like specific medical treatment d are not able to speak for themselves ot only will the family know what to do but so will medical personnel and doctors.

A living will also will not be effective in its use unless you are incapacitated and unable to give orders in reference to your state of health. The value in having a living will is so that in any circumstance you become incapacitated and you do not wish to have certain medical treatments done on your to prolong your health or life they won’t be done and also so that if there are medical treatment that you do want to use they can be done.

Death and dying brochure Essay Example

Recommendations to Someone Who is Dying and Their Loved Ones: As we all know death is not an easy thing to go through nor is dying leading up to death. Prepare Prepare Prepare….. When a family knows that someone is about to die or has died being prepared mentally can help to make the process a little more manageable. Making sure that the person has a last will and testimony and also a trust is also important. By doing this the family as well as the dying person can know that his or her wishes are being followed and everything that they want done will be according o their word.

No one want to die or be dying and know that family members will be bickering and arguing over petty things instead of celebrating the wonderful life that they dying person has lived. This is a very sensitive time so knowing how to say goodbye, giving comfort and letting the person know the end is near, making sure the person is as comfortable as possible and not waiting to the end last minute to say things that you want say are all good recommendations in making the process as less stressful for everyone involved.

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