Death and Redemption

4 April 2015
An analysis of Franz Kafka’s book, Metamorphosis and the subject of death and possible redemption.

This paper presents a detailed look at the way Kafka’s “Metamorphosis” – about a man who turns into a bug – represents the movement toward death and the possibility of redemption. Using the story as an example, the writer of this paper illustrates the areas where the idea of redemption are involved.
“Often times in the world when one has a near death experience they describe recognizing others but not being recognized. This was also the case in the story when Gregor the man was suddenly Gregor the bug(Kafka, 1990). He recognized his family but at first they did not recognize him as anything other than a dirty bug. The movement toward death is morphed as a stick his father picks up when his mother discovers the bug in her presence attacks him. This movement toward death is painful indeed and it is something that is attempted more than once in the story.”

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