Death Row: American Justice System

4 April 2015
An in depth look at death row and the experiences of individuals on death row.

This paper looks at the American justice system with emphasis on death row. The author defines what death row is and what life for prisoners sentenced to the death sentence is like. Included are interviews with people on death row.
“America stands alone in the western world as the only so-called “Free” country that still executes its own citizens. America’s justice system in particular is inherently biased, usually racially, always monetarily if you have the money to pay for a good criminal lawyer, and all the appeals, chances are you won’t get the death penalty. The one thing these people all have in common is lack of funds, and without the ability to work while on Death Row, these people have no option but to just sit and wait for the inevitable to occur. The people on death row are not all “Ax murderers” or “Serial rapists,” a disturbing number of them may actually be innocent of the crimes for which they’ve been sentenced to be executed. Our anthology will be based upon writings from within the cell walls of prisons across the United States of America. Each writing comes from a person who is imprisoned for life. Many of these people have received the death penalty and are just wasting their life away on death row. Each individual has been in prison for years and is still paying for the crimes in which he or she has committed.”
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